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. >> sponge bob. >> i love it. >> dr. phil: you've been watcng my interview with holly and aaron whose 5-year-old dauger kate is battling an aggressive brain tumor. aside from me wanting to put a big smile on these kids' faces sam's club wanted to help take some of the pressure off mom and dad and have generously offered to donate $500 in gift cards to -- $5,000 in gif cards to the mcrae family. [applause] so, holly and aaron, they will be in touch. they will be in touch. if you would like to make a donation to kate's family, you can do that at drphil.m. and, you know, here's the question that so many people ve asked me. how do you respondo people with sick children? do you shy away? well, let me just answer that as best i can. every situation is different, but i believe in the principle of reciprocity. you say tell me how things are going for you. if they say, oh, we're doing fine. how about you? accept that. ey've defined it at that level. if, on the other hand, they say, you know what, it's just some days like today are really, really bad. then they're inviting you to engage, to say, you o
some noise. local sales manager of the quiet storm, kbrx manager mr. aaron jones. >> can you -- thank you, thank you. kblx is celebrating its 30th anniversary of local radio in san francisco. please funeral -- tune in to 102.9 and join in our 30th year anniversary. right now i want to introduce the kblx steppers. ♪ [ringing bells] ♪ woooo ♪ oooooo ♪ ♪ i'd love to express it ♪ >> aaron jones, ladies and gentlemen, kblx. the quiet storm quiet no more. thanks, et great job. excellent job, part-timers. let's hear it for them. that was i guess the amateur portion if you can call it that because everybody rehearsed so hard the let's hear it for everybody. shanell wang, aaron and scotty. now time to move on to the professional category. the muni experts. the professionals have up to 30 seconds for a warmup and up to two minutes to ring the bill -- bell. now it the time to bring up the heavy artillery. selected by a panel of judges in two preliminary rounds, these six men who have been selected to ring in random order are your troneds -- contenders for the title of 47th annual c
it such a success. and i want to thank the chairman of the board of supervisors, aaron peskin, for being here as well. it's great to be with you, aaron and state senator leno who is with us as well. so many distinguished leaders in our community. it's also great to be here with ken nelly, who is so responsible for making today important. and ann hallstead. you probably think i'm going to name every single person who is here. it probably feels that way. i want to just acknowledge jarrod. the acting head of the parks and rec who guarantees that all this will be as beautiful as ever. but let me tell you on a personal basis what coit tower means to me and special gratitude to the coit family here today the coit tower when i am in san francisco, and it's not as much as i would like to be, is the firstsite -- first sight i see in the morning and the last sight i see at night. since i work in a bicoastal way, i'm up early and see the sun come up and the first thing that comes into view is coit tower from my home and the sun, when there is sun, glistening off coit tower, is a beautiful, beautiful ope
that happened in contemporary news concerning a certain japanese american left tenant or aaron wataga >> yeah, lieutenant aaron wataga >> could you talk about how that story influenced your process and your writing of this play? . >> as i worked with the question of the no no boy, this whole thing with lieutenant aaron pataga who was a japanese american lieutenant who refused deployment to iraq. he said i'll serve anywhere else, but i refuse to go to iraq on the grounds that he believed it's unconstitutional. he is in the process of being court martialed, i think most recently there was something like a mistrial and i don't know if he's come up again. but what's interesting is that the lieutenant aaron wataga case as it played out in, quote, the ethnic newspapers, japanese american community, has brought about sort of what i think is a similar response to the no no boys in that he is being viewed not by all, but certainly by the military groups, the ones that were extraordinarily brave, the 442nd, by some of them as a traitor and as a coward. lieutenant aaron wataga should serve. and what's i
straight year. brian crest ton also made it three wins as best actor, but aaron hall won his first as best suptsing actor. ton also made i three wins as best actor, but aaron hall won his first as best suptsing actor.ton also made ite wins as best actor, but aaron hall won his first as best suptsing actor. best supporting actress and kyra sedgwick's fifth nomination proved to be the charm. "the daily show" ran its winning streak to eighth years. but the amazing races run as best reality show ended at acce seven. george clooney got the bob hope humanitarian award. he mentioned the five year anniversary of hurricane katrina and he also encouraged people to continue to help those in need. in los angeles, i'm stephanie stanton. thomas, back to you. >>> now here's look a. look at other stories making news herl day in america. tensions are high after vandals set fire to equipment. this is the second attack in six months. the fbi is investigating it as a possible hate crime. >>> michael jackson fans in california celebrated the king of pop's birthday with a spontaneous dance-a-thon at universal c
midday starts right now. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist in for barbara harrison this morning. we begin this morning with the deadly accident. police say a single car crash ended in fire and the death of one person. police found a body inside a burning car on martin luther king junior highway near rout 50 this morning. here's a look from chopper 4. martin luther king highway has been shut down since 8:00 this morning. the fire was so severe police have not been able to identify the gender of the victim. police are investigating what caused that car to go out of control. jerry edwards has the latest on that part of the story. jerry? >> good morning, everyone. good news is traffic on route 50 is not affected by this terrible accident. westbound route 704 king highway at the interchange of route 50 remains closed. that investigation could go on for another couple of hours. let's see how we are doing. lots of road work today. they're getting in some sunshine. northbound and southbound right at eastern avenue at the yands district line. the construction will affect your commute in both
strasburg pitching again. news 4 midday begins right now. >>> good morning everyone. i'm aaron gilchrest. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm in for barbara harrison. it is friday, august 27th, 2010. we begin with a story we've been following all morning long, an accident in virginia that left three people dead. it happened on i-95 south in stafford, virginia just after 6:00 this morning on a busy stretch of highway there. traffic has been tied up all morning long. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: well, aaron, i can tell you that this as you mentioned caused major traffic tieups all morning. it took two hours just to go six -- >> all right. it would appear we've got some issues with elaine's audio here. i-95 that is been a problem, a trouble spot almost every friday during the summer. we're in the news 4 traffic network for the latest. >> the latest is a little better news, aaron. they've opened up all lanes now southbound 95 south of the exit for 610 garrisonville road. there is still some activity left on the shoulder. it's not completely gone yet but the three lanes are open and that is s
the years and has contributed to all the problems they are having now. back to you, aaron. >> thank you, darcy. >>> thousands across the d.c. area are still in the dark after the recent storms. at last check, there were 2,200 pepco customers in the district, and a handful of virginia dominion customers are still without elea electricity. >>> an 80-foot tree sliced through an apartment building and eight people were hurt. all are expected to recover. the building was so badly damaged it was condemned. the landlord put many up in hotels and it's only until tuesday. >> the reason why they are in the apartments is because they have nowhere else to go. now it's difficult because they are trying to kick them out after tuesday. >> the red cross is working with residents to help them fined a permanent place to stay. >>> tonight an ashburn, virginia family is asking the community to come forward with tips, and tips they say they know will lead to justice. >> we will forever be parents of a murdered child and we will have to live with that for the rest of our lives. >> that's the harsh reality fo
, darcy. >> reporter: hi, aaron. police were able to make two quick arrests following that knife fight last night. news 4 was right there when it happened. take a look behind me. this is an all hands on deck weekend. you will see a lot of police essence in this area and across the city. scenes like this, an arrest of suspects allegedly involved in a knife fight along the gallery place metro station has some folks concerned about their safety when they come to enjoy the bustling section of the city. police made the arrest around 7:00 friday night. >> they were able to intercept two adult men who got into a dispute, both of which were armed with knives and make arrests very quickly at the top of the platform or before they were able to enter the metro, and i have to say, hats off to the metrotransity police. had they not intercepted that fight before they got on the train we should have a stabbing and homicide. >> the friday night fight that left numerous people injured recently had police taking a serious look at safety in this area. it's a hot spot with numerous restaurants, entertainm
at lambeau field. manning to reggie wayne. peyton finished with 214 yards and 2 touchdowns. aaron rogers did him one better. with a pocket collapsing. aaron finds jermichael finley. rogers went for three touchdowns and 195. the packers win 59-24. most points for a team in the preseason, any team since the merger. >>> that's your espn news update. i'm steve weissman. back to you in new york. >> thanks, steve. >>> it took the pig to bring home the bacon in kentucky this year. >> a ham sold for a record $1.6 million at an annual auction at the kentucky state fair. the porker weighed about 16 pounds. that amounts to about, $100,000 per pound. >> it was for a good cause. the money will go to local charities, chosen by the winning bidders. >>> up next, the stories we'll be following today, including an update about a missing youngster from oregon. >>> and the miners in chile, keeping their spirits up, while living half a mile down. ♪ yummy, yummy, yummy, i got love in my tummy ♪ ♪ and i feel like... [ female announcer ] kellogg's® wants to make kids happy one tummy at a time. because 9 out
the white house to evacuate. it its the second incident this week. good evening, i'm aaron gilcrest in tonight for melvin. there are questions about what went wrong? darcy spencer, live, where council members are weighing in on the firestorm. >> reporter: the councilwoman says numerous people in chevy chase were without power for several hours for no apparent reason. that is adding to the frustration with pepco. on thursday afternoon. a pepco transformer blew near hilton hotel on connecticut avenue, called the evacuation and gridlock. the same thing happened saturday night downtown. a e er eer exploded. numerous streets were blocked off. those out enjoying a bite to eat and to drinks nude dr s had to everything and evacuate. >> cause aid ld a lot of smoke. >> pepco officials are investigating the two fires as separate incidents. they don't believe they're connected. >> we have to look at this. it is affecting customers downtown. some of our larger customers. >> the fires and major disruptions come after a to rounds of severe thunderstorms that knocked out power to hundreds of thousa
for journalism, one of the largest sources of grants for journalism. now on the back row, crank aaron is the senior director of the free press, a group working to increase government funding for the media. frank frankle is a journalism professor at stanford university. next to him is ron dellens, the mayor of oakland. he has served 14 houseyears. next to him is a former writer and publisher. he and embed the publisher. next to him is david calloway, editor in chief of next to him, sandy close, the director of new american media. she is also my executive editor and i get to hold the microphone up to her. let's begin the discussion. >> thank you. let's start with a question that is on many people's mind. with cutbacks and technology shifts, what has that done to the quality of news, barry parr? >> when i worked at the "mercury news" back in the 1990's, we were trying to compete with the paper. i am here to stay mission accomplished. it has been a tough 10, 20 years. i have to tell you, some of the greatest innovation and highest quality work is coming from the ground up
with 214 yards and 2 touchdowns. aaron rogers did him one better. with a pocket collapsing. aaron finds jermichael finley. rogers went for three touchdowns and 195. the packers win 59-24. most points for a team in the preseason, any team since the merger. >>> that's your espn news update. i'm steve weissman. back to you in new york. >> thanks, steve. >>> it took the pig to bring home the bacon in kentucky this year. >> a ham sold for a record $1.6 million at an annual auction at the kentucky state fair. the porker weighed about 16 pounds. that amounts to about, $100,000 per pound. >> it was for a good cause. the money will go to local charities, chosen by the winning bidders. >>> up next, the stories we'll be following today, including an update about a missing youngster from oregon. >>> and the miners in chile, keeping their spirits up, while living half a mile down. ???????? >>> and now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this friday. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke, addresses the nation's economic outlook at a conference in wyoming. he's expected to talk about con
going to be tough going for commuters headed home to virginia. our storm coverage continues with aaron gilchrist who is at tyson's corner. aaron? >> i had move to higher ground here at tyson's corner to do the live report. roads leak you see behind me will probably do okay with the rain falling tonight. some of those low lying roads, the ones we saw this morning, they just didn't stand a chance. usually courtney hamilton goes into her backyard for a little r sxmpb r. today she needed to make sure it was there. >> the creek rises, the bridge get back up. this morning we woke up and we were surrounded by four feet of water. >> reporter: the creek flows behind her house and under the road. when we stopped by it was high. inside its banks. a far cry from earlier raifrl enveloped her yard, surrounded her house and water everywhere. >> we were will we were in the 100-year flood plain. but we had a major flood like this morning in 2001, 2005 and then this morning. so it is more like the five-year flood plain. >> reporter: the water had started to recede but not overtaking this bridge and ever
the people inside. >> this morning, that entire neighborhood looks like a war zone right now. news 4's aaron gilcrest is live with details. >> reporter: i was reluctant to use that word, war zone. i can't think of a better description of what we saw in this entire neighborhood? they just reopened south frederick avenue. heavy machines and truck moving some of the debris. you can see the stump on the sidewalk from the tree that was in the street just passed it. you can see a tree that is leaning on a building. it punched a hole in the roof there. if we can, jay, we will swing back around here. behind where i am standing, you can see where that huge tree came down through the center of this building. you see residents standing here in the foreground. we have video to give you a different vantage point from the tree. from the back side, you can see the roof. we are told this was an 80 to 100-foot tall tree that came down during the storm around 7:00 a.m. and literally slammed through the center of this apartment building. fire officials tell us it landed in the top hallway, if you will. it didn
got the call that could save his life. aaron tanner is at ucla tonight where he will receive a rare double heart and kidney transplant. aaron was born with a con genital heart condition and has had three open heart surgeries. the first when he was just 10 days old. then he suffered kidney failure. his medical bills exceeded a million dollars for surgery, but the community has responded. we certainly wish aaron well. hang in there, kid. we'll keep you updated on how he does. larry beil is up next with the sports. >> the padres have owned the giants this season winning 7 of the first 8. ♪ ♪ ye ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? simple stuff... eating right...whole grain. whole grain? [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. the giants began their showdown series with the first place padres. jonathon sanchez believe believe chaed his inner george zimmer and said, i
contributor. and in los angeles aaron barnhardt, television critic for the "kansas city star" who blogs at how did christiane amanpour do as an interview and a host? >> i think she played to her strengths as a well-prepared researcher, someone who comes loaded for bear for her interviews. these were gets that were -- they were published on the web ahead of time. we could watch much of the segments ahead of time. that part is the known quantity about christiane. the unknown quantity is the back half of the show, which is the round table where she's expected to let her guests sort of hold forth and move the news agenda forward. and in that she seemed a little less ready for the new environment she was thrown into there. >> it's a real acquired skill. and lola ol' ga naki, it's interesting the round table guests were george will, donna brazile, paul krugman, and a pakistani journalist appearing by satellite. that certainly gave the show a more international flavor. >> i think that's what christiane's going for. i think she wants to open up the conversation and bring a real glob
>>> dozens of people are expected to evacuate after this fiery. aaron gilchrist has the morning off. it's sunday, august 15th, 2010. news is just ahead. first, to check on the forecast, kim martucci is in for chuck bell. we love what we saw yesterday. >> great, because i think we will rubber stamp it today. a slight change, though. it will be a little bit more humid. i think showers move into our western suburbs in the afternoon. around here i'm sure we will be staying drive. we have clouds out there right now. a little activity on the potomac. the humidity is 76%. showers last night across west virginia fell apart. there's lots of little boundaries. we could fire up a few again moving into the shenandoah, as far east as frederick, maryland. this afternoon, warrenton, takes a crack at 83, mostly cloudy. dry and mostly cloudy st. mary's city, 85. we'll reach a high of 84 by afternoon. and i have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right. looks good. thank you, kim. >>> investigators say they don't know what caused a transformer to explode in downtown d.c. last night. it forced e
chimneys cracked in half. >>> our team coverage continues in prince george's county where aaron gilchrist is live in oxon hill, maryland, where the damage is just as severe. >> absolutely the case. this is what you might expect to see. broken trees. this is what we found over much of the area we found. pieces of trees broken off. what we would not expect to see, you would hope not to see what we found over here. this tree came down, punched a big hole in the back of the boat and landed on the house, knocking a hole in the back of the house as well. the home owner just got back. about 30 minutes ago. he was on vacation in nags head. cut that trip short to come find a mess like this. and i'll tell you what. this guy was not alone. walking into this bedroom in forest heights just takes your breath away. >> my sister jumped on the bed and i was looking out the door. that's when the tree fell down. >> reporter: kenneth that his sister had just awakened her father from his bed as he sat in the chair talking to his kids, this tree slammed through roof, taking down the ceiling fan, littering the
he is in mid season form. second quarter, makes perk throw to rookie tight end aaron hernandez. if you're hernandez, you have to catch it. he throws it like. that tiptoes into the end zone for the touchdown. the patriots beat them 28-10. the bill hosting the colts in toronto. first quarter. big nature for bills rookie running back c.j. spiller. he takes hand off. look at this guy move. once he gets past the line of scrimmage, he is gone. 31 yards for the touchdown. making a big impression. he finished with 54 yards on ten carries. the bills were up. still in the first, if anyone can come back as peyton manning. unlucky here. the game tied 7-7. the attempt to anthony gonzalez. terrance mcgee, 78 yards. the bills take a 14-7 lead. but manning would answer. that's exactly what peyton manning knows how to do. late in the first quarter, he finds jacob oh the middle for the touchdown. watch this. 21 yards. the game tied 14-14. manning, eight of 15 for 91 yards. a touchdown and an interception. the bills would not let the first quarter end without a bang. quarterback trent edwards did
part about going back to school? >> aaron said that spiky hair on the way to the new school year. school budget cuts, many parnlths are being forced to reach deeper into their pockets. >> some new rules take effect today for gift cards. under these new rules gift cards can't expire before five years. each time you reload, the five-year clock starts again. consumers also won't get hit with a annoying hidden fees such as service or nonuse charges. they can charge you to replace a lost card but the fee has to be disclosed on the packaging. >>> 9:24. still ahead, fans of the burgandy and gold are a bit blue after last night's preseason game. albert haynesworth comments after the loss has people talking. >>> and are you taking metro today? we'll tell you about delays you'll want to hear about before >>> good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kim berry suiters. it's sunday, august 22nd. a quick check on the forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. chuck, we had rain a little bit earlier this morning. still out there? >> most of the rain is left downtown
of people are without power. aaron gilchrist is in tyson's corner, virginia work the latest on the conditions over that way. aaron? >> we had to move to higher ground to be able to do this live shot. is and roads like the ones you see behind me will probably fare pretty well when the rain come back to this area. maybe a little ponding for them to deal with. those lower lying areas, they have a hard time with this. we were out zmorng surveyed a lot of places that couldn't handle all that water. so many roads that used to be quick cut-throughs became completely impassable with this morning's rains. the creek topped the bridge in vienna. it didn't wash away the mail box but getting to the house was not an option and the bridge was littered with debris and busted asphalt. >> this is beulah road. it floods like this quite often, actually, when there is a heavy rain or a hurricane or something like that. >> we talk to one nearby homeowner. >> we've been here 15 years and seen it come to the 100-year flood plain about eight time. it is more like an every other year flood plain, not
of injuries. back to you. >> widespread damage and issues all over the area. aaron gilchrist is in our newsroom. he's been trying to keep track of problems all over the area. what is the latest? >> we got off the phone with u.s. park police. apparently gw parkway southbound is closed right now. and it will be for a few hours more. we're talking about between 395 and the alexandria line. apparently, they had some trees come down on the parkway. three large trees or as one person skrind described it, ginormous. they had the entire highway closed for a time as head to cut up the trees enough so they could access the people in those cars and on the bus. they were able to do that. no one was seriously hurt as a result of those trees having fallen. it has clogged up the parkway southbound again right now, close from 395 to the alexandria line. as crews continue to get those large trees, those three large trees off the parkway. this is impacted people trying to get to and from reagan national. we're told there are some access issues to and from the airport. there are some reports of issues ac
. finally, she reconnect with herger and finds love. she has made other characters like aaron brock a, alive in movies. -- erin brought a. i did it two stars. four stars for "the other guys." almost 44 "in session." 3 stars or the new movie "scott pilgrim versus the world." to stars for sylvester stallone and his friends in "the expend doubles pair "-- the expen dables." doubles pair "-- the expen dables." [ male announcer ] there are many vehicles that claim to be just as capable off-road as the jeep grand cherokee. but without triple-sealed doors, a raised air-intake system, or even a watertight drivetrain, just how far off-road are they talking about? ♪ >> a massachusetts man thought he had the perfect plan to pop the question. it was a beautiful day at the beach with his girlfriend. things did not go as planned. he let the engagement ring on a pier. it fell into the rocks and out of sight. >>> volunteers and lifeguards search for the rain, but no luck. it was a family heirloom worth nearly nine -- $9,000. the ring was injured. in the end, he proposed in the back of a car. i do not know
is still part of their everyday life. >> it took aaron clark $100,000 from fema to rebuild his home. down the road, other homes still bear the scars of the hurricane. >> a bunch of homes are boarded up. some of them are not, there are just opened. >> volunteers here are trying to fix that. >> i feel for these people. they have gone through a lot. >> the christian charity has build 27 homes in this neighborhood, and they are still building. >> people are trying to get back in their houses after five years. that is a long time. >> a story of patience and persistence for everyone, as they try to turn back the tide, five years after the water has receded. organizers have arranged of dance around the anniversary. there are a block party is going on, some more somber memorials, the bindles. president obama is scheduled to speak here on sunday. >> thank you. as this anniversary looms, two big storms in the atlantic are gaining strength. forecasters say hurricane danielle is now a category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 134 miles per hour. right now come expected to stay well east of ber
and welcome to "news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. aaron gilchrist has the morning off. it's saturday, august 14, 2010. the news is just ahead. first let's check in with meteorologist kim martucci in for chuck bell this morning. kim, temperatures going stay low today, relatively speaking? >> get a little warmer than where we're at now. not a hot one. still warm muff to head to the pool and get outside. we have some overcast conditions in some spots the clouds have thinned out bathe. a gorgeous morning. right now we're at 74. yesterday with all the clouds around and drizzle we only hit a high of 80. the dew point is also comfortable, 59 degrees. here's how it looks on the radar loop. all that moisture off to our west over illinois and indiana that stays out of the way today. instead we're getting a bit of an onshore flow. so we're around 71 in clinton. 74 in annapolis and 70 in winchester. if you're headed to the montgomery county fair in gaithersburg, we're looking at steps between 82 and 85 and should be a partly sunny afternoon so a nice day to head out to the fair which goes through august
then. aaron was at the h.p.c. and has contacted the director and myself and that is a legislation that is pretty much dead at this point including the third version that was offered by a different group. article 10 and 11 is a hard animal because there is some acknowledgment that it's so controversial that a complete overhaul may never occur and some hesitation to move forward and some people fear that will be the only change that occur to 10 and 11 for the next several decades and some people want to add more. and the director and the department want to acknowledge h.p.c. into the planning code and it is time they are recognized in the code and the processes are put in the code. the charter trumps everything and where the charter is silent, we look to the planning code. where there are conflicts, we have tried to eliminate them or answer your processes. and to answer your question it seems to be for now and the near future the one chance to clean up 10 and 11 to conform. however, the director did send out a memo about six weeks ago to the commission and we are starting to have ta
the call that could save his life. aaron is at ucla where he will see a rare double heart and kidney transplant. aaron was born with a congenital heart condition and has had three open heart surgeries, the first when he was ten days old. but then he suffered kidney failure and his medical bills have been a million dollars for each surgery. we wish him the best. moving on to weather. a little chilly, right? >> can't wait until september until we have a significant warm-up. a warm-up on the way for part of your weekend. cloudy now, mist and drizzle. that warm-up, we'll talk about it coming up. >> the giants open a big three-game series against the first-place padres. jonathan sanchez was predicting a sweep. larry beil has the highlights. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't yo
strikeouts. sandoval, 9th for the season. and former philly, aaron rowand, giants win 5-2, they trail the phillys by a single game in the wildcard race, 6 back of the padres. looks like the feds attention shifted to roger clemens. the 7 time cy young award winner being indicted by the feds who say that he lied to the house committee in 2008 that he never took steroids. if convicted he could be headed to jail. the government turned its attention from barry bonds. jeff garcia tined with the knight hawks of the united football league. the raiders at the bears on saturday. fry had surgery on his wrist, ending his season. that's the news from the oakland raiders. patriots, falcons, taylor, nice tough run. tackle breaking run for taylor, 28-yard touchdown. the patriots beat the falcons 28-10. if you didn't know it was indy week, they reminded us all today. look at these cars. mario an dreada was on hand himself. so was a huge crowd. >> i knew if i was given the opportunity, with the right people and people believing in me, i knew it could be a big deal. i didn't think i knew what that was.
challenge for us. >> action tonight, super bowl preview alert, packers and aaron rodgers running out there, will host the colts. patten manning in mid-season form. 18 yards strike. 214 yards. rogers threw three touchdown passes. the packers win 59-21. rogers from chico. just like old times, tom brady, up top, the long ball. randy on the receiving end. 18 of 22, 273. st. louis won 36-35. these games don't count. sam bradford equally impressive. >> all right. good night everybody. see you tomorrow. [ man ] i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. you're not covering the whole bowl. with this stain-revealing dye you can see the stains bleach leaves behind. but lysol power
identificado como "aaron chandra", quien supuestamente balÓ a "osana saga" de 28 aÑos en el torso durante un enfrentamiento en la calle "cottage park".-- las autoridades investigan si hubo alÚn tipo de discusÓn entre el sospechoso y la Íctima. --en california, los criminales que secuestren o droguen a un niÑo para abusar sexualmente deÉl podÍan enfrentar cadena perpetua sin posibilidad de libertad condicional.-- la medida fue aprobada esta tarde por la legislatura estatal y ahora esÁ en espera del visto bueno del gobernador.-- un asamblÍsta de san diego presenÓ el proyecto de ley tras el asesinato de "chelsea king", una adolescente de 17 aÑos que fue secuestrada y violada por un hombre que se encontraba en libertad condicional luego de abusar sexualmente de otra menor.-- la medida castigaÍa a los ofensores sexuales violentos con cadena perpetua para impedir que vuelvan a cometer Ás cÍmenes. --muy pronto los californianos podrian decirle adÓs a las bolsas de plastico.norma roque nos explica a que se debe... y que opinan los consumidores al respecto. -- las dos granjas responsab
really happened before his dramatic exit from that jetblue flight. more from aaron katersky. >> reporter: in a new york minute, steven slater became a working class hero. >> thank you all so much. it's been amazing, the support and love, everything that's been brought to me and given to me by my community and friends. >> reporter: but no allegations tarnish the image of the overnight sensation. one passenger told "the new york daily news" he was very disturbed. he was almost hysterical. >> this guy was like a jerk the whole time. like i'm getting so frustrated with all these people who keep saying that he's a hero because he wasn't. >> reporter: police sources tell abc news witnesses aboard monday's infamous jetblue flight have discredited slater's story about what set him off. grabbed beer, deployed the emergency chute and left the plane. >> at the end of this event there was lack of civility on the part of one person and it was inappropriate. >> reporter: a few witnesses also claim slater was rude and drinking on the job and that set off a few comments on facebook. this guy is a liar,
's aaron we terse can i. >> reporter: a former medical student, authorities say philip markoff knew how to kill. he was going to stand trial for murdering julissa brisman. last night, he cut his wrists and tied something tightly around his neck. in a statement, boston police said he was alone in his cell and took his own life. >> if markoff is the sociopath he seems to be, he would not be the one to person to face the music, face the trial. >> reporter: he had attempted suicide at least twice before, end colluding the day after his arrest last april. it's behavior that sharply differs from his apparent calm after the killing of julissa brisman. he was seen on video, calmly checking his phone as he walked. once in jail, markoff was put on suicide watch, but it's not immediately clear if he was still being watched. tonight, police in boston are investigating, and one jail source told abc news markoff put his medical expeer these to use and clearly knew what he was doing. aaron kaer the ski, abc news, new york. >>> and prosecutors in buffalo, new york, have dropped murder charges against a
. >> police say the cab driver was stabbed repeatedly, after confirming that he's a muslim. aaron katersky has more on the attack and the young suspect. >> reporter: new york cabby ahmad sharif described house he was attacked. >> he had a knife. when i see the knife, it came right here. >> reporter: the father of four picked up a fare on tuesday evening. on the drive, michael enright asked, are you muslim? when sharif answered yes, enright pulled out a leatherman life and slashed him on the face, neck and arm. >> he began to stab the driver, sort of through the partition. >> he started yelling at, like, this is a checkpoint. this is checkpoint [ bleep ]. i have to push you down. >> reporter: sharif pointed to the controversy of a muslim community center planned at ground zero. and in 25 years in new york, he has never felt so insecure. >> no doubt in your mind, he wanted to kill you? >> i moved like this, he tried to get my throat. and i'm trying to hold his hand. >> reporter: police say enright was drunk. but he was still charged with attempted murder as a hate crime. his attorney now wants h
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